A Cable Car Filled With Tears – DigiPodify Ep.18

It’s the 18th and it’s a big one. Danielle and Adam take look at the FINAL three episodes of Digimon Adventure. We talk about the last Dark Master, the REAL evil Apocalymon, how you actually pronounce Apocalymon and we reveal some secrets. Gear on up, for a cable car episode filled with tears.




Quick Overview:

9:33 – Episode 51: Piedmon’s Last Jest

32:59 – Episode 53: Now Apocalymon

47:35- Episode 54: The Fate of Two Worlds

1:05:00 – DigiBattle

1:07:00- Ultimate Ranking

Main Point of these Episodes:

Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 4.38.51 PM

To  end Digimon as we know it. Well, not exactly. But you know, to show the kids saving the world once and for all, and to wrap up the season that make such an impression on us all, and that started a movement.


Digimon Introduced In these Episodes:

Ultimate Ranking!

With these episodes the ulimate ranking list for season one is COMPLETE! Whaaat?

Piedmon’s Last Jest ends up at number 29 Now Apocalymon comes in at number 33.  And finally, The Fate of Two Worlds is ranked last, lands at the pretty good spot of number 20.

For the full season list click here.


Last week we had a battle between basically twin Warumonzaemon and LadyDevimon! And the winner (to Danielle’s dismay) was Warumonzaemon!

Important News!:

Next week Adam and I will be looking at the final episodes in Digimon Adventure, while the following week, we invite YOU all to share your ultimate rankings and thoughts about this season as we do a whole season recap. You can even send us your recordings on what you think! You can email us anytime at feedback@digipodify.com!

Special Note:

The intro music in this podcast is titled, “Run Around” and it was created by Jasan Radford. It is available on the Digimon Movie Soundtrack. The outro song is titled “Broken Reality” and it is created by Kevin MacLeod, you can find it here.