Swiping you back to the Digital World

About Us

Two friends.
One TV show.
Hundreds of monsters.
One dramatic about page.

Okay, seriously. DigiPodify™ is a Podcast hosted by Danielle and Adam, two friends who grew up watching the amazing show that is Digimon: Digital Monsters. Want to know more about us? Well we aim to do away with this instant binge watching era, by making our way through the episodes and movies that we’ve all grown to love with a contextual commentary of the digital world.

We take a critical look into the TV show, discuss the inner meaning of Digimon, a dive into a world that has been untouched by us, since we were 10 years old. What’s more, we invite you to come join us! Watch along, three episodes a week, join the discussions and enjoy the nostalgic feeling that comes with it all.