DigiPodify Ep.21 Graphic

Control Spires & Prune Juice – DigiPodify Ep.21


In the  21st Episode of DigiPodify, Adam and I focus on trying to like Yolei, attempt to not laugh to much at Davis, and discuss the importance of control spires & prune juice.


Quick Overview:


0:08:46 – Episode 4: Iron Vegiemon

0:31:50 – Episode 5: Old Reliable

0:44:13- Episode 6: Family Picnic

1:01:00 – DigiBattle

1:06:00- Ultimate Ranking

Main Point of these Episodes:

These episodes were somewhat character building, and somewhat finding means to integrate the old Digidestined. They were also used to expand the plot and show what The Digimon Emperor is really up to.

Digimon Introduced In these Episodes:

Ultimate Ranking!

This week the top three stay at the top, but of course, these episodes aren’t far behind.

Iron Vegiemon ends up in last place at number 6 . Old Reliable matches it’s episode number at number 5.  Finally, Family Picnics ends up on top at number 4.

For the full season list click here.


Last week the battle was between two leaders, Tai and Davis!! And It was a TIE! (Not Tai but tie, sigh)

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Special Note:

The intro music in this podcast is titled, “Run Around” and it was created by Jasan Radford. It is available on the Digimon Movie Soundtrack. The outro song is titled “Broken Reality” and it is created by Kevin MacLeod, you can find it here.