Devimon Addams Appears! – DigiPodify Ep. 3


In the third episode of the DigiPodify Podcast we take a look at episodes 7, 8 and 9 of Digimon Adventure. We talk about Digimon Adventure Tri, the strange family resemblance between Devimon and an Addams Family member, Sora the Slytherin and the mystical thermos fridge.

Devimon and Morticia Addams

Devimon and Morticia Addams


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Main Point of these Episodes:

Continuing on with the trend for the previous episodes, the first episode of this week was intended to follow the trend. The second one is where everything took a turn however, and we are finally introduced to the bad guy of the series who has been turning all the good Digimon evil.

Digimon Introduced In these Episodes:


  • Joe’s Digimon  Gomamon digivolved to Ikkakumon and then back down to Gomamon

Favourite Quotes:

Ikkakumon’s Harpoon Torpedo – 

Joe: “That’s right! Go ahead and laugh, but when your tootsies freeze don’t come crying to me. I’ll just say I told you so!”


Matt:  “How about Salsa?”

Sora: “How about a reality check?”

Evil Shows His Face –

Sora: “If you follow that map it’ll lead right to a headache.”


Mimi: “I just figured out that these gloves don’t go with this dress.”

Subzero Ice Punch! –

Tai: “Matt would land that far away. It’s too cold to swim and we’re drifting at a hundred miles a year.”


Gabumon: “Hehehe. Naked Digimon.”

Ultimate Ranking!

Third week of the podcast and Garurumon finally lost its number 1 position and falls down to number 2!

Replacing it in the number 1 position is the very well known; Evil Shows His Face.  Subzero Ice Punch lands the number 3 spot and Ikkakumon’s Harpoon Torpedo sits very comfy at number 7.

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Special Note:

The intro music in this podcast is titled, “Run Around” and it was created by Jasan Radford. It is available on the Digimon Movie Soundtrack. The outro song is titled “Broken Reality” and it is created by Kevin MacLeod, you can find it here.