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No Means No, Pubertymon! (w/ Ashley McDonnell) – DigiPodify Ep.24


In Episode 24 of DigiPodify, Adam is lost and so it’s girls week! Danielle is joined by Ashley McDonnell. They take a look at episodes 13, 14 and 15 of Adventure 02. It’s all about Kari and Pubertymon, the weird British bird, a bad egg, the Digirap, useless Digivolutions, how confusing Michael is, and so much more!


Quick Overview:

0:06:30  – Episode 13: His Master’s Voice
0:25:00- Episode 14: The Samurai of Sincerity
0:48:53- Episode 15: Big Trouble in Little Edo
1:06:42 – DigiBattle
1:11:09- Ultimate Ranking

Main Point of these Episodes:

To showcase Yolei! The maybe new secret leader of Season 2 (at the moment)! Also to plant a very strange foreshadowing for a mysterious dark figure that seems to have an obsession with Kari

Digimon Introduced In these Episodes:


Leader Count

We’ve decided that the person who is considered this seasons leader is the person who does the MOST episode recaps! So here’s the count!

T.K – 4

Yolei – 3

Kari – 2

Davis – 2

Cody – 2

Tai – 1

Ultimate Ranking!

Happy to say that this weeks episodes ranged all over! But one thing is certain, they were better than last weeks!

This week His Master’s Voice finds itself in at number 3!  The Samurai of Sincerity  doesn’t quite put up a fight and ends up in number 10.  And the Big Trouble in Little Edo boringly ends up at number 13.

For the full season list click here.


Last week the battle was Flymon vs. Starmon! And then WINNNER was no one. That’s right! It was a tie!

Vote for this week’s Digibattle to NOT let it be a tie!

Special Note:

The intro music in this podcast is titled, “Run Around” and it was created by Jasan Radford. It is available on the Digimon Movie Soundtrack. The outro song is titled “Broken Reality” and it is created by Kevin MacLeod, you can find it here.