The Highton View Terrace Adventure (with Alex) – DigiPodify Ep. 10


This week, Adam and I are joined with our first call in guest, Alex, for our TENTH episode!! Together the three of us look at episodes 28, 29 and 30 of Digimon Adventure. We talk about more about the epic highton view terrace fight, sub vs. dub drama and not exactly ‘cousin’ Dwayne.

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Quick Overview:

0:35 -DigiFeature

1:40 – Server News

3:33 – Episode 28: It’s All In The Cards

27:431 – Episode 29: Return to Highton View Terrace

44:33 – Episode 30: Almost Home Free

1:05:00 – DigiBattle

1:13:38- Ultimate Ranking

Server News:

We got a Matt teaser image for Digimon Tri.

Matt and Gabumon from Digimon Adventure Tri


Main Point of these Episodes:

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These episodes really show the kids further understanding why they are the Digidestined and not other kids around the world. After all, to find the eight Digidestined they have to understand what makes them all Digidestines in the first place.


Digimon Introduced In these Episodes:

Favourite Quotes:

It’s All in The Cards?- 

Gekomon: “Your highness, what is it that you desire.”


Return to Highton View Terrace  –

Tai: One volunteer, not thirteen.

Mimi: I thought I’d keep you company.

Joe: And we’re going to keep Mimi company.


Joe: But that’s impossible. You mean all those adventures took less time than it does to say, “Get a hair cut”?

Mimi: Please, Joe, don’t exaggerate. Imagine getting your hair done in such a short amount of time.

All: Huh?

Almost Home Free –

Joe: That was all the money we had in the world! Of all the dumb, greedy, selfish little things, it’s unbelievable. You guys are supposed to be my friends, my friends, my friends…

Matt: Well, at least my cat’s not stuck in a tree!


Ultimate Ranking!

With all these hilarious episodes you have to expect a major change in the ranking. It’s All in the Cards finds itself in number 3. Return to Highton View Terrace  squeezes into number 6. And, Almost Home Free finds itself a comfy spot in the middle of the list at number 16. 

For the full list click here.


The winner of last weeks Digibattle was Devidramon! Make sure you get your vote in for this week!

Special Note:

The intro music in this podcast is titled, “Run Around” and it was created by Jasan Radford. It is available on the Digimon Movie Soundtrack. The outro song is titled “Broken Reality” and it is created by Kevin MacLeod, you can find it here.