The Start of Something New

This is it. The start of DigiPodify. Or kind of. The podcasts haven’t exactly started up yet but that’s happening in December. Right now however, this very blog is up and running and what better way to explain just what this podcast will be all about.

DigiPodify is a named that stemmed from the popular card movement of the third season of Digimon, Digimodify. With it, our goal is to swipe you back in time to the Digital World.

Now you might be wondering “swipe you back in time? what? Sure that’s your tagline but what does that mean” Well I (Danielle) haven’t watched an episode of Digimon since I was 13. In fact, I believe that is pushing it. I believe that I haven’t watched a full episode of Digimon since I was nine years old. Why?

To be honest I have no clue. I am wholeheartedly in love with the show. Digimon represented so much of my childhood and I still contain so many vivid memories of the episodes that I grew up watching. And in August 2014 I decided that I had enough time, and that I wanted to do a rewatch of Digimon. It was around this time when I was cruising around a friends Twitter page and I saw mention of his podcast. I had seen this mention before but I hadn’t really thought anything of it.

I decided to give it a listen and then my mind started to wander ‘what If I did a podcast about me rewatching Digimon!? Do people even have TV show podcasts?’ I quickly searched and discovered that yes they did, however there were already three Digimon podcasts out there. And two of them were currently active and popular.

I was deterred for a bit.

And then the news broke, that in 2015, something new was coming to the Digital World.

It made me more determined than ever to rewatch the shows and once again though about doing a Podcast. I listened to some podcasts by podcasters long in the game and realized that it didn’t really matter that other podcasts existed about Digimon. We weren’t competition. We were people with the same interest and this made me realize that hey, that’s TRUE.

I LOVE Digimon and I enjoy listening to the two other podcasts about them, but our opinions in areas differ so why can’t I create a show with my own opinions? Not to compete against them, but just for the fun of it. Just to be involved in the community. And so I contacted my long time friend Adam, a fellow lover of Digimon and it was decided. DigiPodify was to be made. We were going to be transported back to the Digital world. We were going to be swiped back, and if you want, we would be more than happy if you came along for the ride.

Our first episode is set to be released December 6th 2014.