Three New Eggs Join the Ranks

Three New Eggs Join the Ranks

Good news everyone! The Digimon Adventure website was updated Thursday November, 20th 2014. The previous image of cute Punimon was joined by THREE more eggs!

Previously, Botamon was just an egg until hard work and determined clicks lead to the hatching of the baby Digimon. It was then that we received an image of Tai. Then the Punimon egg took over. Once he hatched we received a picture of al the DigiDestined for the Digimon series coming in 2015!

For some of you who may have forgotten, Botamon is the baby form of Agumon, and Punimon is the baby form of Gabumon. So I’m guessing that perhaps in these new eggs reside Tokomon, Pichimon and Nyokimon? Strange mix, but it’s possible!

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And don’t forget to visit the Digimon Adventure page everyday to start clicking, as of this post we have 344 276 clicks left to go.